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50 Common Accounting Abbreviations

Seasoned accountants know the abbreviations and lingo of accounting like it’s a second language. But, if you find yourself confused when reading a balance sheet or income statement, it might help to clarify the meanings of common terminology. Keep reading for a list of 50 accounting abbreviations that will clear up any misunderstandings.

Computer screen with accounting informationComputer screen with accounting information

General Accounting Abbreviations

Do you know the difference between CUR and CURR? Whether you’re a CPA or a first-time investor, it’s important to know the basics of accounting terms. Get started with a list of general abbreviations for accounting.

  • ACCG/ACCT - Accounting

  • ADT - Auditing

  • BUS/BSN - Business

  • CAP - Capital

  • CF - Cash Flow

  • CFO - Chief Financial Officer

  • COO - Chief Operating Officer

  • CPA - Certified Public Accountant

  • CR - Credit

  • CUR - Current

  • CURR - Currency

  • DR - Debit

  • GAAS - General Accepted Accounting Standards

  • GL - General Ledger

  • K - $1000

  • ROI - Return On Investment

  • VC - Venture Capital

Income Statement Abbreviations

Reading an income statement correctly is vital for the health of a company. Misinterpreting your profits and losses for a financial period could be disastrous. Make sure you know what you’re making – and spending – with these examples of common accounting abbreviations found in an income statement.

  • C+MV - Cost Plus Market Value

  • C/S - Cost Sharing

  • COGS - Cost of Goods Sold

  • COS - Cost of Sales/Services

  • CPU - Cost Per Unit

  • EBITDA - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization

  • EX/EXP - Expense

  • F&A - Facilities and Administrative Costs

  • FD - Fund

  • FE - Fixed Expenses

  • GP - Gross Profit

  • GM - Gross Margin

  • LLC - Limited Liability Company

  • NI - Net Income

  • OE - Operation Expenses

  • P&L - Profit and Loss Statement

  • PAT - Profit After Tax

  • VE - Variable Expenses

Balance Sheet Abbreviations

Accountants love getting into the details of a company’s assets, equity, and liabilities. But writing out each word takes up valuable time and space – and accountants don’t love unnecessary expenditures! Check out these abbreviations that you might see in a typical business balance sheet.

  • A - Asset

  • ACCR - Accrued

  • ADJ - Adjustment

  • AE - Accrued Expenses

  • AR - Accounts Receivable

  • AP - Accounts Payable

  • BAL SH/BS - Balance Sheet

  • BUDG - Budgeted

  • CA - Current Assets

  • CH/CHG/CHRG - Charge

  • CL - Current Liabilities

  • COE/Ke - Cost of Equity

  • FA - Fixed Assets

  • LTL - Long-Term Liabilities

  • OE - Owner’s Equity

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