Baseball Position Abbreviations and Numbers

Whether you’re learning the game of baseball or trying to answer a baseball crossword clue, a baseball position list can be helpful. In baseball, the different player positions are often abbreviated and substituted with standardized numbers to make calling and scoring a game more efficient.


Abbreviations and Numbers for Baseball Field Positions

When one team is at bat, their opponent has nine players in the field. Each of these players holds a different position. For scorekeeping purposes, each of the main baseball positions is written as a standard number instead of an abbreviation.

Baseball positions and abbreviations
  • P (1): Pitcher; Starts every play by throwing the ball and stands on the pitcher’s mound
  • C (2): Catcher; Crouches behind home plate to catch pitches
  • 1B (3): First Baseman; Positioned closest to first base
  • 2B( 4): Second Baseman; Positioned closest to second base
  • 3B (5): Third Baseman; Positioned closest to third base
  • SS (6): Shortstop; Plays infield between second and third base
  • LF (7): Left Fielder; Play on left side of outfield
  • CF (8): Center Fielder; Play the middle of the outfield
  • RF (9): Right Fielder; Play on right side of outfield
  • IF: Infield; Square area inside the four bases
  • OF: Outfield; Playing area beyond the bases
  • SP: Starting Pitcher; Begins the game as pitcher
  • MRP: Middle Relief Pitcher; Takes over as pitcher in the middle of the game
  • LRP: Long Reliever Pitcher; Relieves SP if he has to leave game early
  • CL/CP: Closer/Closing Pitcher; Comes in for final innings

Abbreviations for Baseball Hitters and Runners

When your team is up to bat, you’ll send nine players to the plate to take turns to swing at the ball. These batters are placed in a specific order based on their skills, and there are some special names for specific hitting positions too.

  • DH: Designated Hitter; Player allowed to bat instead of the pitcher in the American League (AL)
  • PH: Pinch Hitter; Substitute batter
  • PR: Pinch Runner; Replaces a player on the base and runs for them

Softball Position Abbreviations

Softball is a modified form of baseball that uses a larger ball, fewer innings, and underhand pitching. Softball uses all the same abbreviations and numbers for the various positions that baseball uses. In many youth and slow-pitch softball leagues, there is also a number 10 position called the Extra Player, or EP.

Fantasy Baseball Positions

If you’re playing fantasy baseball, you might see a couple different baseball position abbreviations. These abbreviations usually include a variety of positions you can choose from for that spot on your team.

  • CI: Corner Infield; Any first or third baseman
  • MI: Middle Infield; Any second baseman or shortstop
  • Util: Utility; Any non-pitcher

Swing for the Fences

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